25 Exhibits Missing at the National Museum of African American History and Culture #MissingNMAAHCexhibits

In News, UBtheCURE by Ulysses Burley

In a year where a black Prince went to meet the King, Donald Trump becomes President of the United States, and 1988 Shirley Caesar was the hottest rapper alive, 2016 was a rough year for black people. Luckily, all was not lost. In September 2016, the National Museum of African American History and Culture (NMAAHC) opened in Washington, DC – the first museum of its kind celebrating the achievements of black people and our contributions to society throughout history.

While the NMAAHC is something to be proud of and respected by all Americans, because you can’t outdo African Americans, me and a few of my friends (mostly my friends) noted the missing exhibits at the National Museum of African American History and Culture. Enjoy!

1. “FELICIA”: New Destinations

2. “TOO KOOL FOR SCHOOL”: Gastro-Anthropological Look at Unofficial Koolaid Recipes

3. “LAYING DOWN TRACKS”: A Diaspora of Sew-ins, Lace Fronts, and Full Closures

4. “BLACK BI-LATERAL OPHTHALMOPLEGIA”: The Scientific Study of the Side-eye

5. “MOVEMENTS UNTRAINED”: Famous Liturgical Dancers Throughout the Ages

6. “ON THE EDGES OF REASON”: A “Short” History of Edges

7. “WHEN THEY COME FOR YOU”: Clapbacks and Comebacks 1776- 2017

8. “SOUL GLO”: The Rise and Fall of the Jheri Curl

9. “STEPS TO FREEDOM”: The Hidden Power of Instructional Line Dances

10. “AY YO, RED!”: Post Civil Rights Era Passenger Seat Hollering

11. “GINUWINE, CHILLI, AND VERDINE WHITE”: The History of Baby Hair

12. “OH OK F**K YOU THEN”: The Psychology Behind Rejection and Black Masculinity

13. “WYD?”: Black Courtship in the Age of Technology

14. “DON’T STOP, GET IT GET IT!”: A Wise Uncle’s Advice to Never Give Up

15. “WHAT DAT MOUF DO?”: The “Oral” History of Black People

16. “FREE MAH NI**A GUCCI”: The Folk-Hero Tradition of Incarcerated Rappers

17. “CUFFING SEASON”: The Connection Between Seasonal Patterns and Romance

18. “YOU PLAY TOO MUCH”: The Limits of Tolerance in Jest for Black Friendship Patterns

19. “NI**A, THEY STILL SPINNING”: A History of Automotive Freedom and the Afro-American

20. “I AINT ONE OF YA LIL FRIENDS”: Authoritative Black Mothering and Practices of Belittlement”

21. “INSIDE PEANUT BUTTER/OUTSIDE JELLY”: A Celebration of Black Automotive Aesthetic

22. “I WISH A NI**A WOULD!”: Forward-Looking Mindsets and Aggression in the Black Community

23. “Hey Big Head”: Flirting While Black and Bae

24. “50 SHADES OF THROWING SHADE”: Ecological Expressions of Contempt

25. “GESTURES OF DISMISSAL (already exists at NMAAHC)”: The Intellectualization of “GIRL BYE”

Credit: Eniola Mafe, Saida Grundy, Faraji Whalen, Rachel Westerfield, Najiy Munir, Jeff Johnson, Ulysses Burley, Kyle “Scoop” Yeldell